Sunday, December 4, 2011

Main hull and second float ready for glass tape

I completed filling the gaps between the panels of the main hull and removed all of the zip ties. The gaps left between the zip ties and the hole needed for them were also filled. I used epoxy thickened with cell-o-fill to fill the gaps and holes. Also, I removed all of the screws that attached the panels to the strongback with the exception of the very bottom screws or the screws that would be by the top deck. I did the same with the floats, leaving those screws attached to the strongback until the entire hull was covered in fiberglass. This helps to maintain the hull shape.

Something I found helpful was to not use the method describe on the plans for pulling together the panels at the bow. Rather than using wood strips and clamps to hold the panels until the epoxy cures, I just used many zip ties, three per panel. Doing this allows you to nicely fill gaps assuring a strong bond at the bow. It works very well.

Now that winter is here, work has slowed somewhat. I will continue to work through the winter but that all depends on how warm I can keep the shop.

More ti come....fair winds!

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