Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's too COLD!

Happy Holidays to all my readers.  I hope you find peace in your lives and find time to relax with friends and family during this holiday season!

Work has really slowed on my Scarab.  The weather has not cooperated at all.  Despite having an insulated garage with insulated doors, I struggle to keep the temperature above 40 degrees F.  This is too cold in my opinion for epoxy to cure.  So, I think I will change my plans while I wait for warmer weather.

Here is were everything stands today.  The main hull has all the seams filled and is waiting for glass tape on the seams and full glass on the bottom.  The first float has the seams taped and a full covering of glass on the outside.  It needs the inner seams taped and full glass before installing the bulkheads.  The second float has the seams taped on the outside but needs the final coating of glass on the bottom before I can remove it from the strong back and glass the inside.  Since I am on vacation the last week in December, I may try one more time to turn up the heat so I can at least get some more glass work finished.  If not, I plan to start cutting the bulkheads for the floats and I can glass them in my basement where it is warm.

Other developments, Last summer I purchased a used mast from a Hobie 18.  The mast is like new which could save me much work and money if I can make it work.  I was looking for a second mast so I could splice two together to make the mast as designed on the plans, but after discussions with a rigger, I decided to use the mast as is.  The difference in length is 380mm.  I also compared the sail dimensions of a Hobie mainsail to the dimensions on the plan and discovered the luff on the Hobie sail is 235mm shorter than the Scarab sail and the Leach is 181mm shorter.  I found a sail maker through my local Hunter Marine dealer who can make the Scarab sails with the shortened luff and leach.  I'm waiting for a quote to see what a set of sails will cost.  More on the mast and sails will come in the future.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Main hull and second float ready for glass tape

I completed filling the gaps between the panels of the main hull and removed all of the zip ties. The gaps left between the zip ties and the hole needed for them were also filled. I used epoxy thickened with cell-o-fill to fill the gaps and holes. Also, I removed all of the screws that attached the panels to the strongback with the exception of the very bottom screws or the screws that would be by the top deck. I did the same with the floats, leaving those screws attached to the strongback until the entire hull was covered in fiberglass. This helps to maintain the hull shape.

Something I found helpful was to not use the method describe on the plans for pulling together the panels at the bow. Rather than using wood strips and clamps to hold the panels until the epoxy cures, I just used many zip ties, three per panel. Doing this allows you to nicely fill gaps assuring a strong bond at the bow. It works very well.

Now that winter is here, work has slowed somewhat. I will continue to work through the winter but that all depends on how warm I can keep the shop.

More ti come....fair winds!